North Everest Mid-Life Comp. 2 Project

  • October 10, 2014
Project Description

We carried out the detailed offshore survey and electrical engineering design work for Wood Group in relation to this life extension project at the North Everest asset in the Central North Sea.

The North Everest platform had been operational since 1993.  Reservoir pressure had declined and as a result the Mid-Life Compression 1 (MLC1) project had been implemented circa 2004 by previous owners, BP.  As the North Everest reservoir pressure declined further, the objective of BG’s MLC2 project was to maintain production and extend asset life.

For MLC2 operation mode, the existing 2 x 50% compressor trains (with low and high-pressure stages) required to be re-wheeled, and new dry gas seals were to be installed inclusive of electric heaters.

The electrical engineering scope relating to the MLC2 project included the provision of power supplies and associated cabling to serve new seal gas heaters via thyristor control panels.  In addition, there was electrical input to new/altered trace heating systems on affected pipework, and facilitating works within equipment access and removal envelopes.

Our offshore survey provided a detailed assessment of the following:

  • existing switchboard condition and spareage
  • available locations for the new thyristor control panels
  • distribution board spare capacity to supply thryistor control panel and seal gas heater terminal box anti-condensation heaters
  • locations and spare capacity of cable ladders and cable transits
  • electrical equipment clashes (e.g. luminaires, cable containment, junction boxes) with proposed runway beam extensions at compressor bays and proposed access and removal envelopes
  • extent and condition of existing trace heating tapes situated on affected pipework, valves and instrument tubing
  • review of distribution board supplies (isolation points) serving the affected final circuits
  • review of relevant as-built information held offshore