We have the capability to offer system design in the following areas and can provide assistance at any stage of a project.


It’s our motto – we analyse, we solve and we describe. Let us apply the latest techniques, finding optimal solutions to your engineering problems.

Electrical Power Systems Analysis

Large and complex projects often require detailed simulation and analysis of the electrical network and inherent behaviours to assist in the distribution strategy and the specification of appropriate switchgear, cabling and other system equipment. We can model your installations to analyse load-flow, faults and protection settings, load switching effects, harmonics and transient stability performance.

Energy Modelling

Realising energy efficient building design to meet ever-evolving Building Standards requires the design team to model the building shape, materials, location and environment to establish energy performance and rating. Many buildings will benefit from analysis using energy modelling software. We have the capability to model new or existing buildings to simulate the energy performance throughout a typical year in any location across the globe.

Lighting Calculation & Analysis

The preparation of lighting calculations is necessary to underpin many forms of lighting design work and the availability of powerful software packages and photometric data from specialist suppliers allows us to simulate the lit spaces in three dimensions, applying a huge array of representative surface properties.

Pipe & Ductwork Calculation

The pipe and duct networks within buildings are often hidden from view and easily ignored, however, the routing and sizing of these service arteries is critical to ensure that the building can breathe and function in an efficient and non-intrusive form. We can model and analyse the design of these networks taking account of flow rates, fan and pump duties, valve and grille selections, and associated pressure drops.

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Design Plus

We’re not just about engineering design and analysis.  We offer comprehensive support to clients at project conception, construction, commissioning and handover stages too

Condition/Dilapidation Surveys

The reuse and modernisation of existing land and property is of ever-increasing significance as our Clients seek to find sustainable development solutions.

We provide engineering survey services which can prove essential at options appraisal stages, and as plans develop towards detailed solutions.

We offer advice on the necessary clearance, retention, replacement, upgrade, and protection of services to suit most offshore and onshore projects.

FAT/SAT Witness Testing

Where projects require the procurement of costly or critical long-lead equipment, it is usually necessary to carry out Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) as part of the quality assurance measures. These activities help ensure that the equipment is fully fit-for-purpose, witness tested in line with specification standards, and in the expected condition before and after shipping.

We have the experience and foresight to assist our Clients in these acceptance activities, aiming to ensure that equipment testing and delivery milestones are met with confidence, which will ultimately minimise associated cost and delay on site.

Commissioning Support

First-class engineering design can be rendered useless if there has been poor preparation and focus for the commissioning of a system.  This is particularly important for HVAC and lighting control systems which directly affect the comfort of the building user.  It is even more important when applied to process control systems, where poor commissioning can threaten the technical success and even the safety of an installation.

We can provide commissioning support for electrical control and protection, mechanical and process controls, and lighting control systems.

Design Review

We offer independent technical design review services within our core engineering disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering.

The design review process offers assurance to Clients for critical aspects of design and at times of high-value decision making within a project.  The process can also provide comfort where a Client faces difficulty within an ongoing project and requires an independent opinion on the technical proposals and design approach.

We offer the services of Chartered Engineers for all design review and audit work and tailor reporting to suit the work and budget.