Derry Lodge & Luibeg Cottage

Project Description

Demonstrating our capability to assess low-energy services design and the integration of renewable energy sources, we carried out thermal modelling and options appraisal work for the refurbishment of these remote and historic buildings within the Cairngorms, west of Braemar.

Following initial survey visits, we reported in detail on the current condition and servicing of both properties. The survey work fed into our outline design proposals for the building services systems and the renewable energy technologies required to support the buildings’ energy demands. Working closely with our client and the design team, we delivered proposals for consideration by the board of the National Trust for Scotland and other key stakeholders in the project.

In addition to our thermal modelling using Autodesk Ecotect software, our maximum demand assessments were a crucial activity to inform the scale and viability of the renewable energy sources that were proposed to maintain these buildings off-grid.

Our report also made recommendations specific to the construction and maintenance of this remote project.