Claymore Test Separator Upgrade

  • September 17, 2014
Project Description

The Claymore installation has been producing oil and gas from the Claymore field in the Central North Sea since 1977, and from the Scapa field since 1982.  The key topside assets which make up the Claymore installation are the Claymore Production Platform and the Claymore Accommodation Platform, with a bridge-link installed to facilitate transit between them.  This project involved the survey, design and specification of new mechanical and electrical equipment related to the upgrade of the Test Separator Vessel on the Claymore Production Platform.

Our technical services for the project included the specification of motors and variable speed drives for the water transfer and oil booster pumps, cabling and containment infrastructure, and power supplies from refurbished switchgear compartments.  An extension of the existing trace heating system was also necessary to maintain various fluid temperatures at instrument bridles and to protect against ice formation at drain points within the associated water system.

The technical design was predominantly complete by late 2014 but was placed on hold for final implementation awaiting widespread improvement in the market price of oil.  When completed, the upgraded Test Separator Vessel will offer greatly improved fluid analysis and fluid separation capacities to the Claymore asset.