BP Andrew Facilitating Works

  • November 2, 2012
Project Description

The BP Andrew Area Development project is one of the most ambitious platform redevelopment and extension projects ever undertaken in the North Sea.

The project involves the design and installation of a new process module hung cantilevered on the east side of the existing Andrew platform.  To enable such a hook-up, pipe and cable services on the existing platform were to be upgraded and extended.  The platform steelwork also had to be strengthened, requiring the installation of temporary ‘weld-safe’ habitats which impacted upon many existing service routes on the main deck levels of the facility.

For the Facilitating Works scope, we provided engineering services to Wood Group to carry out an offshore survey and follow-up design for temporary and permanent relocation of trace heating to pipework, light fixtures, junction boxes, cabling and containment.  Our services were co-ordinated with other relevant engineering disciplines and we provided onshore support throughout the construction phase of this work.  All review and acceptance of supplier documentation was carried out through to completion on site.

This critical path work scope was completed in time for a successful load-out of the new Kinnoull process module to the platform in October 2012.