BP Andrew ETAP Modelling

  • September 28, 2012
Project Description

We developed a detailed ETAP model and completed a range of analysis work to offer comfort and technical assurance to our client prior to production start-up for this key North Sea asset.

Our brief for this project was to build upon an existing simplified network model to include a large number of static and dynamic loads that were to be supplied from main low-voltage and medium-voltage switchboards across the Andrew platform.

Having developed the model, we carried out Load Flow Analysis, Short-Circuit Analysis, Motor Start, Harmonic Analysis and Transient Stability simulations to reflect the expected start-up procedures.  The results from the simulation work were written into a formal study report and provided a basis for BP to review against their draft start-up procedures.

The model and report was well received and allowed our client to agree a strategy to start and operated the modified plant moving forward.   The developed network model files also provided a basis upon which BP could include information for parallel and future projects.