Ainderby Steeple Gallery

Project Description

We completed a bespoke lighting design for a private art gallery and studio near Durham, North East England.

The brief was to provide a flexible lighting arrangement to facilitate use of the space as either a studio or a gallery for the resident artist. The ideal situation for the studio lighting scheme would be to capitalise on the intake and diffusion of natural daylight throughout the room, however, the existing building had limited window cuts in walls and no potential to install skylights.  

Our studio concept aimed to simulate a daylit space by concealing high colour temperature ‘daylight’ lamps above exposed rafters to uplight the soffit. This offered the desired level of diffuse light around the room but also contributed to unform illumination at work height. We added carefully positioned glare shields to control glare at eye level below.

The final scheme was achieved with a mixture of off-the-shelf light sources and simple control arrangements within a modest budget and to the satisfaction of the Client.